Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the park?

Lakeline Park is made up of 189 acres of undeveloped city-owned parkland located in South Cedar Park. The park is located west of Bell Blvd (Hwy 183), north of Lakeline Blvd and south of Little Elm Trail.  See a map of the park location.


Why are we developing Lakeline Park?

The development of Lakeline Park has been a goal of the community for many years. It was first outlined in the City’s 2006 Parks and Open Space Master Plan and more recently, Lakeline Park was identified in the 2015 Parks and Open Space Master Plan as one of the City’s highest priorities.


How will people access the park?

There are two main vehicular access points on the preliminary concept plan. The north side of the park has access to the park from Alexis Dr. and the south side of the park has access from Old Mill Road.  Additionally, there is vehicular access from Bell Boulevard, just south of Cedar Park Villas, however this access is proposed only as park ingress/egress for special events, not regular daily park access.


Will the park connect to the Williamson County Regional Trail system?

The park is proposed to connect to the regional trail with a future pedestrian bridge over 183 (Bell Blvd) which will allow pedestrians and cyclists a safe and convenient means for going to and from the park.  Additionally, there are a large number of proposed neighborhood access points for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the park from neighborhoods surrounding the park.  See the proposed concept plan which includes access information.


How will we fund the creation of this new park?

Funding for the first phase of the park project will come in part from general obligation bonds issued under the authority granted by the voters in 2015, when 71 percent of Cedar Park voters approved Proposition 4, which authorizes the issuance of 5.65 million dollars in bonds for future park and trail projects. The exact amount of the first phase of the park project has not been determined at this time and will be decided as we get closer to completion of the master plan.


What is the timeline for the completion of the park?

Due to its size which is approximately 4 times larger than the largest park in the City and the ultimate cost, Lakeline Park will be developed in phases.   Engineering for the first phase is planned to begin immediately following the completion of the master plan and construction could be complete 18 to 24 months from now. Please check back on this website for continued updates on the project and completion timelines.


What’s Next?

Feedback from the community is currently being reviewed and will be used to refine the park concept plan. A refined plan will then be presented to the community, the City’s Parks Arts and Community Enrichment (PACE) Board and City Council.  Please check back on this website for updates about future community meetings related to the project.