Project Overview

Lakeline Park is located in south Cedar Park and consists of approximately 189 acres of undeveloped land.

Most of the property is in the 100-year floodplain | inundation area of the Upper Brush Creek Water Control and Improvement District Dam No. 6 in the Buttercup Creek Watershed.

The City’s adopted 2015 Parks and Open Space Master Plan identified the following potential uses for this park:

  • trails
  • open play fields
  • pavilions and picnic facilities
  • splash pad
  • event areas
  • undeveloped preserve areas
  • fishing area
  • water activities

The master plan may include and not be limited to the following additional elements:

  • neighborhood walkway connections
  • off-street parking
  • restroom facilities
  • native/drought tolerant landscape improvements
  • perimeter multi-use bike-pedestrian trail
  • connection across Bell Boulevard (State Highway 183) to Twin Lakes Park and the Brushy Creek Regional Trail


Step 1 | Data Collection | Site Inventory

This step includes gathering available data related to the park site and surrounding area. Information may include prior studies, Geographic Information System (GIS) data, and as-built construction plans. A preliminary site base map will be generated based on relevant information. A comprehensive site inventory, research and assessment of nearby land use trends, and an evaluation of hydrologic and environmental conditions will be conducted by the City and consulting team.

Step 2 | Site Analysis | Opportunities & Constraints

This step will include utilizing the results of Step 1 by identifying potential points of public ingress/egress, on and off-road pedestrian and bike connectivity to adjacent neighborhoods, parks and regional trail, neighborhood buffer areas and environmental constraints. Information will be consolidated into a composite overlay, developing a framework of on/off site opportunities and constraints and identifying permitting requirements. This step of the process will result in a summary of initial findings and establish parameters by which to facilitate public engagement.

Step 3 | Program Development | Uncovering the Community Vision

This step includes in-depth public outreach to identify the community’s vision for the future park development. A project website and online survey have been created to allow for centralized public input/feedback. Key person interviews, stakeholder/ public input meetings and homeowner association outreach to identify community preferences and potential program elements will be included in this process. This step will result in establishing a “community vision” statement for the park based on initial public input.

Step 4 | Park Master Planning | Consensus Building & Adoption

This step includes the preparation of two (2) preliminary concept plans delineating the overall character and image of the proposed park as a result of the public engagement process and “community vision”. The concepts will be presented to the public and City officials for review and comment. A single refined concept plan and supporting graphics will be generated based on final public comment. This step will result in a final illustrative master plan including proposed phasing and development budget.


This public open house will educate attendees about the park property and allow for community input on preferences and concerns. The goal of this meeting is to establish a “community vision” statement for the park. The online survey will also be utilized to define this statement.

This public meeting will be a formal presentation of a preliminary concept plan delineating the overall character and image of the proposed park as a result of Public Meeting 1 and online survey results. The goal of this meeting is to receive public input on the preliminary concept plan. A refined concept plan in response to public input will be presented at a future public meeting.

This public meeting will be a formal presentation of a single refined concept plan and may include proposed phasing and development budget. The final concept plan and recommendations will then be presented to the City Council for adoption and further action.

Refined Concept Plan

Refined Concept Perspectives

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